May 12, 2021

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5 In-Flight Safety Tips While Travelling Amid the Corona Scare

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The Indian government relaxed travel restrictions since May 25, 2020, followed a prolonged pandemic-led lockdown. While airlines are welcoming you back to the skies, remember that Coronavirus has not left the world yet. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has laid down strict norms, but it is of paramount importance to adopt personal safety measures too. Research has shown that the risk of communicable diseases spreading on board an aircraft is extremely low, according to an article by the World Health Organization (WHO).

For added safety, pick an airline that performs regular deep cleaning, sanitizes touchpoints, and ensures cabin crew is using PPE kits at all times. Additionally, here’s all you can do to make your next travel experience a safe one.

1.     Be Careful of Touching Surfaces

Touching potentially infected surfaces, followed by touching your face, can transmit the virus. Therefore, it is important to avoid anything which others are using in one of your Delhi to Goa flights. For example, armrests, seat flaps, washroom equipment, tray tables, and magazines. If at all these are unavoidable, do wear gloves or sanitize your hands thoroughly before touching them.

2.     Carry Personal Safety Gears

Before boarding Delhi to Mumbai flights, wear your masks, gloves, and a face shield. Both the cities are notorious for their corona spread, and travelers to and fro must ensure high levels of safety. Carry a hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol. For the safe side, fresh tissues and disinfectant wipes are also advisable.

3.     Avoid Eating or Drinking

While choosing Mumbai to Delhi flights, pick the one which has discontinued onboard meal services. This is one of the effective ways to reduce contact, which can contain the spread of Coronavirus. Try to find an airline that does not serve tea, coffee, welcome drinks, or pre-meal beverages to adhere to the social distancing norms. On your part, avoid consuming personal foods and drinks inside the flight.

4.     Pick an Aisle Seat

If possible, opt for an aisle seat on your Delhi to Goa flights. They are safer than sitting in between two travelers, which could pose a risk of any contact and subsequent coronavirus spread. Although the best flights are offering safety gowns to the middle seat passengers, aisle seats offer a certain degree of extra ventilation. Germs through contact can be avoided to some extent, particularly if you wish to leave your seat frequently for the washroom.

5.     Wipe Your Surroundings

You have already chosen a flight that is maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. However, before taking your seat, there is no harm in opting for additional cleaning. Take a surface disinfectant and wipe the tray table, seat belts, armrests, and the seatback in front of you. Consider wiping your phone, water bottles, and bags too since you have been handling them for a while. In the end, use a sufficient amount of sanitizer (two to three drops) to cleanse both your hands.

Before leaving for the airport, ensure you are absolutely healthy. If you have mild fever, cold and cough, it is advisable to stay at home. This way, you will be protecting yourself while also stopping the spread of the disease for the greater good.

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